Saturday, January 1, 2011

my new year's eve was adequately sparkly

I've finally realized that New Year's Eve will never be what it once was for me: hundreds of friends that I haven't seen in months meeting up on Bourbon Street for two unforgettable nights. No more trading compliments with transvestites in bar bathrooms; no more walks through the French Quarter that take 5 minutes but feel like hours; no more champagne toasts with brass bands playing Auld Lang Syne in the background (I remember it sounding like this); no more 2 am breakfasts of beignets and hot chocolate; no more sleeping on the floor of New Orleans mansions.

I think I'm starting to be okay with this.

But one more New Orleans New Year's Eve couldn't hurt, right? Next year in New Orleans?

Happy 2011, everyone!

P.S. Ike wore a hat and tie to our party and gave me death stares the entire night.

{photos from our small but fun New Year's Eve party}


  1. No more Lance Bass sightings?!? (Or was that during Mardi Gras?)

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