Monday, January 10, 2011

the five stages of OB-GYN

A new month means a new specialty rotation. After 5 or so days on OB-GYN, I can relay to you the 5 stages of OB-GYN, brought to you by almost everyone I know who has experienced the rotation.

1. Denial

"We are NOT having children. There is NOTHING miraculous about childbirth."

2. Anger

"You are DISGUSTING. I hate you and your kind. How can you be so disgusting?! Everything about you is disgusting."

3. Bargaining

"Okay, if I get to sit outside of the hospital room, maybe you can give birth. And I guess you're not gross alll the time."

4. Depression

"WTF. All women are like this. All of you! How could I never have known?"

5. Acceptance

(Apparently, this one does not apply. There is no acceptance. At least not after 5 days.)


  1. Ha!! This is entertaining. I'm pretty sure my husband is going to have to sit in the waiting room while I am in labor.

  2. My husband kind of fell into a rut at Stage 2. Well, he wasn't really ANGRY, per se... Just grossed out. It took about a MONTH for him to stop seeing me in an OB/gyn sort of light.

    It was a sad, sad, lonely month.

  3. Haha! Dr. J gets to spend a month on OB/Gyn this year as a resident . I'm pretty sure we'll see the 5 stages again since it's been a long time since his last OB/Gyn rotation!

    Honestly, the thought of pregnancy weirds me out and I then convince myself that I need to be in the. best. shape. ever. before we try to have kids. Why? Because your body is never the same, even if you're super tiny and in shape like my SIL.

  4. Wow. You nailed it. My favorite thing Kanishk ever said while on OB was "pregnancy is a disease. a diosease you have for 9 months."