Monday, May 17, 2010

discussing flashcards with the dog, and other studying side effects

I've heard horror stories about what it would be like to live with someone studying for the exam Y is currently studying for. But honestly? It hasn't been that bad. Well, for me at least. Y's been having imaginary conversations with Jersey Shore cast members, so you be the judge in his case.


He studies so much during the day, that he takes nights off (usually, he goes to class all day and studies most of the night). This means we get to actually hang out, and do things like see weird, weird movies (Greenberg) and do yoga. not that yoga is a competition, but, uh, he's beating me

He wakes up at 6 am, and I can't help but get up with him. This might seem like a con, but it gives me 4 hours of free time before work. I read, I make myself a huge breakfast, and I work out. It's a pretty sweet setup.

Since the test is written, I'm not a guinea pig for any physical tests. Yoni has been known to wander over to me when I'm minding my own business and just start banging on my knee with his stupid little doctor hammer.


He's set up his computer so that he can't access the internet. Which means that I'm doing double the surfing duty, and occasionally my tabs look like this:

He thinks that with all of his evening free time, he can hog the tv. Especially on Tuesday nights. Sorry buddy, Glee > Justified.


Because of his free time in the evenings, we can go to friends' weddings. (Pro)

However while in the car for two hours round trip on the way to said wedding, we listen to med school lectures. (Con)

Don't I look thrilled to be learning about melanoma in the palms of African Americans?

He discusses flash cards with the dog. This is funny (pro), if not slightly unsettling (con). But if you'll remember, Ike is into that sort of brainy stuff.

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