Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our proud and noble heritage

A few years ago, you may recall, a normal (although slightly prettier and richer than average) girl married a British prince.

I definitely remember. I even wore a fascinator for the occasion.

To this day, girls around the world are hoping for Kate Middleton-esque fortune to fall in their lap. To fall in love with a man who, as it turns out, is a prince. Or part of some kind of noble lineage.

Well, friends, that fascinator must have been magic because... it happened to me. 

Yesterday, I found out that my husband stems from a well-known British lineage.

Let me set the stage for you: Y's father, who is British, was doing a wee bit of genealogical research. This is one of his many hobbies -- others include collecting stamps with mushrooms on them (he has the world's largest collection!) and building miniature ships. 

But, I digress. 

During this genealogical research, he uncovered something prettttty significant and alerted the family.

Soon, I got the text from Y: So, it turns out my great great grandfather was probably Jack the Ripper.

Every. girl's. dream. Am I right??

Learn more about Great Great Grandpa Jacob Levy (and his raging case of syphilis) (and how HE MUTILATED A BUNCH OF PROSTITUTES) via this video (starts at 17:30).



  1. That's hilarious! Well, not for the prostitutes, but for us. Sorry.

    My grandma was really into genealogy (and, before you think I'm a total snot-nosed brat, was also not a nice person. At all. And was an alcoholic.) and once when I definitely wasn't interested, told me that her family (very specifically HER side, not my grandfather's) once owned a big section of Connecticut and included several mayors and a couple of governors of CT. I just stared at her and said "uh huh. So they left the richest state in the union for MINNESOTA?!?!" And her favorite relative to brag about was Gideon Pond, a gentleman we all know from our history books as Lewis & Clark's hired navigator. Oh, wait. Nope. He was a rockin' failure- which is why we all know SACAJAWEA as their hired navigator.
    So no serial killers here, but also a much less-exciting claim to genealogical fame.

    At least this gives you a great reason for elaborate Halloween costumes, right?!

  2. Ha! Love it. I hope it turn up some interesting characters doing my genealogy research! None so far though

  3. Whaaaaat?! hahaha never know what you're going to find when you go digging through your past I guess! Have you ever seen the TLC show "Who do you think you are?" I'm obsessed.

  4. I love genealogy research! How hilariously terrible/awesome about Y being related to Jack the Ripper! Oh, ancestry, the secrets you reveal...

  5. That last "Yay." had me laughing so hard! At least it's a relation by marriage, right?