Tuesday, May 7, 2013

space & hamburgers

Today's topic in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge: What is your greatest fear?

I hate to be ordinary, but I'm afraid of heights. 

I know I've been this way since I was 6, and had my birthday at a McDonald's in Holland. (We lived in Holland, I didn't get some fancy trip to Europe for my 6th birthday. Don't be ridiculous, I'm not Suri Cruise.)

 The theme of my party was space. And hamburgers.

The party room was on the third floor, but as you might expect from McDonald's employees, they went above and beyond. The staff convinced all of us 6 year olds that by going to the third floor, we weren't just going to the party room... we were going to SPACE.

Yeah, no. Five year old me was not having any of that. 

And neither is 28 year old me. I won't even go on a water slide.

(PS I'm also terrified of loud noises)


  1. How do you feel about spatulas? My sister has had a lifelong fear of them, but I don't know when it started. This photo seems like it would be a time for it though! Ha.

  2. HAHA....that's such a great story and a hilarious photo to go along with it. You look sooo excited. I'm pretty sure I went to a bday party at Mickey D's at some point but we never got to go flip burgers. So sad.

  3. An early picture of you flipping burgers at McDonald's? Priceless. I mean, what kid wouldn't want that!? I, too, had an awful McDonald's birthday experience (around the time of Mad Cow scare) where I was going down the tube slide and got stuck. A pileup built behind me and it was getting hot and everyone was rude and I just started freaking out. No bueno.