Thursday, September 6, 2012

minnesota state fair: people watching

They say that the best part of the Minnesota State Fair is the food and the people watching. To be honest, our first few hours at the fair I was too busy enjoying the food to notice the people.

But then I think I had a people watching moment.

Between our milkshake and our fried green tomatoes, we came across the Minnesota Public Radio booth, where the station was broadcasting live. 

A young girl was singing a show tune. You should probably press play to get the full effect of the moment.

Y and I stopped for a minute to listen. The girl was good, although at the time we had no idea what she was singing. We noticed a man who must have been her father recording her, lip syncing every single word. He was definitely her biggest fan. It was a sweet moment.

And then this guy ambled around the corner. 

He may or may not have gotten lost looking for the corn dog stand. 

I've never seen someone look so confused. He gawked at the MPR listeners, as if he was watching a group of erudite gorillas at the zoo. 

He didn't stay long. If you can believe it, showtunes must not have been the fair experience he was looking for.


  1. I will be there one year! I only hope to see a whole flock of "this guys!"

  2. What is this new thing I keep seeing where people wear their cell phones around their neck like reading glasses? Weird, especially when this guy probably had plenty of room in his fanny pack.

  3. HA! Oh my goodness people watching is always my favorite thing to do. Although with all that yummy-looking food I may have been easily distracted!