Thursday, August 2, 2012

scenes from my run

When I lived in a place lacking in scenery, I promised myself that if I ever lived somewhere interesting, I would run as often as I could. To be honest, I was picturing myself running along the National Mall, or the Willamette River in Portland --  I never imagined it would be around the lakes of Minnesota.

But here I am. And after almost two months of living here, I... decided to go for a run. Let's be honest, though: it was really more of a 1/4 run, 1/4 walk, 1/4 stop and take pictures, and 1/4 stalkeresquely stop a girl because she was wearing an LSU shirt. There were also several minutes of sitting at the banks of a lake and listening to Andrew Belle.

I like to use the term "run" loosely.


  1. So beautiful! And I could never be a runner - I always get distracted by something which causes me to stop (which I don't mind, because i hate running) and then I'll start up again, and a short distance later...well, you understand.

  2. Since I've taken up running, I've decided it's a great way to see new places - and this makes me want to come to Minnesota! Looks so relaxing and lovely to be out. It also looks so idyllic that it HAS to be cooler weather than where I am... any luck with that?