Sunday, August 26, 2012

lessons from a new homeowner

1. Always take a close look at the layout of your windows before deciding you would like to put an offer on a house. Here's a very real conversation we had recently:

After grocery shopping (or some other incredibly exciting activity), we walk up to the house from the garage. I stop short.

Me: I just noticed something about our house that I can't unsee.

Y: What? (Considers house.) The fact that it looks like a crazy robot?

Me: YES. How did we not see this?
Y: (Shrugs.) Can we get a mustache for it?

2. If you discover you have magnetic walls in your bathroom, celebrate. You now have a built in place for your electric toothbrush heads.

3. Be prepared to learn new things about each other. For instance, I learned that Y is a secret fan of chalkboard art.

4. If you and your loved one get into a fight at Ikea (and you will), a really great way to relieve stress is to visit the rug section and battle each other American Gladiator style. Trust me. I felt better and more able to rationally choose between the Hemnes and the Brimnes.


  1. Magnetic Walls?! That is amazing. I love the idea of a mustache ;) and I would have never noticed that when just looking at the house but I see the robot! I think it adds character!

  2. Oh my gosh - totally crazy robot! How funny!!! Please share if the house ever does get a mustache... Magnetic walls? Super random and also sort of genius. I'm glad you're rocking 'em!

  3. I meant to say this, too - we have a huge dry erase board here on our wall in Dominica (super classy) and Charlie LOVES drawing pictures on it. I wonder if that is a med school thing, or if they both just like to drew? I looked at it the other day and there was giant camel on the board.

  4. I love #1 and #4. And I think I need some chalkboards in my life.