Wednesday, June 27, 2012

on the first day of residency...

...Y was home by 3 and we spent the afternoon playing croquet and badminton in our friends' backyard. I hear every day is equally as relaxing. 

And then for the main event, over bratwurst and beers we listened to a story about a foreskin procedure. Complete with a demonstration using a bottle and a coozie for all of the non medical people out there (me). 

This is my life. Coozie foreskins and all. 

It's not too bad. 


  1. ha! I am dying. I'm trying to picture this acted-out "procedure" in my mind ... but then again, I'm not really sure I want to.

  2. haha!! On Chris's first day of rotations, he came home & told me all about the D.R.E. he got to give his first patient. {Um yes, you should ask D if you don't know what that stands for.}

  3. I would love to tell you that residency is totally like this... but really, I find that low expectations are the best. Expect the schedule to be completely horrible, and you'll be pleasantly surprised pretty frequently, like with this lovely sounding day :)

    But the dinner table talk, I'd say expect that always and forever. Ew.

  4. oh my goodness if only it could be like that for the next 4 years, right? (the croquet and badminton part, that is).

  5. That sounds about right.