Sunday, January 15, 2012

weekly gratuitous ike: cutest injury ever?

The vet tech looked guilty as she led Ike out to meet us. We had just returned from Boston, and were picking Ike up from being boarded in a 3 foot wide room for 6 days. 

"He's bleeding," she said, "from the tip of his tail." She was worried we would be mad, and the explanation rushed out, choppy. "I guess his room wasn't big enough for his tail and sometimes it hit the wall." 

The reunion was exciting, and we didn't follow. "What?" we managed to ask while being bombarded with licks.

The vet tech looked down at the ground, ashamed she had let us down. "He wagged his tail so much it started bleeding."


  1. oh my goodness poor Ike! I bet he was overly-thrilled to see you two! Although at least he was wagging it...right?

    1. Oh my goodness, that actually IS an adorable injury. Guess it can't be a bad thing if he's such a happy dog!