Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, it's here: summer. We pretty much skipped spring, and this weekend it was close to 90 degrees and humid. Do you mind if I whine for a minute the next five months?

I get it -- most of you wait the entire year for warm weather. But see it from my perspective for a second. To you, warm weather means spending time outside. To me, spending time outside means FRIZZ! so epic it requires capital letters and its own exclamation mark.

Innocent little D did not yet realize the implications of that hair...

To you, summer might mean a fruity drink with an umbrella. To me, it means having to drink an entire river every day to avoid getting dizzy.

dramatic reenactment; paid actor

You're tan after 2 days in the sun... I'll be rocking my un-tannable, freckly ghost legs until October.

You can't wait to go to the beach... I sweat excessively at any mention of sun. And this is what I do when I get hot, apparently:

There you have it. The next time you see me when it's above 70 degrees, and I'm grumpy- that's why. Feel free to avoid me. Especially if I look like I do in that last picture.

Tell me: Is it just me? Does anyone else care to share their sweating issues?
Or a miracle frizz product that costs less than my $20 bottle of oil?


  1. We've gotten the slightest bit warm and humid here recently and my hair is already creating a halo of frizz around my head. It's lovely. I have no wonder solutions but I use a phyto balm, oil and sometimes john frieda frizz stuff (if it's really humid) all together to tame my hair. My approach works but requires a 20 dollar bottle of oil and phyto plus a 7 dollar bottle of frieda frizz stuff from a drugstore.

  2. 1. Little D's hair just killed me dead.
    2. Nice shutter speed work on the Ike/water pic!

  3. I use the Phyto balm @Drew above mentioned. Love it, though my hair is naturally wavy, not excessively curly, so YMMV. Love that picture of Ike drinking water. And is that the Gentle Leader I see on him?

  4. I like your traditional Jewish stanky leg wedding dance. Our people have performed it for generations.

  5. That last photo is hilarious!! lol. I'm sorry, I don't experience frizz...and I get excited when I sweat because I feel like I'm doing something...I'm not a big sweater. But I do get cherry ass red when I'm hott. Not cute. People that work at the gym always ask me if I'm ok, or if I need water or to sit down...nope, I'm just a red person.

    But I do feel you on the paleness...while my skin is perfectly capable of is also genetically inclined to develop the scary "c" I spend the entire summer desperately afraid of the thing I love most (sun). Plus I have to spend a small fortune of sun screen.