Monday, April 4, 2011

more thoughts on OB-GYN

{do you have any idea how difficult it is to find pictures to illustrate posts about OB-GYN?}

Near the end of Y's OB-GYN rotation, someone told me a gross story that involved something disgusting about lady parts that I can't even remember anymore -- probably because I blocked it out of my memory. It was probably that bad/gross/weird.

When I told Y about the story, he shrugged, obviously uninterested. "Yeah, that happens often."

And with that, it was official: my husband was vajaded.


  1. Vajaded.
    Amazing word and so true.

  2. So I put it on twitter...but I figure I should let you know here too...vajaded is my new favorite word. I don't think J is there yet since he has only had one OB/GYN experience...but I'm sure one day I can tell you guys he is vajaded.

  3. Haha... fantastic word! I tried really hard not to hear any stories during Dr. D's ob/gyn rotation that would make me not want to have kids.

    However I did, unfortunately, find out something about fetuses (feti? I dunno) that is both disgusting and might be able to explain why I have asthma:

  4. LOVE. THIS.

    Sometimes I lack a filter about my nursing stuff... Like, I was telling my husband at lunch today about a meconium aspiration and what that was ... he started seriously gagging.

    Oops. Please forgive us medically people... we know not what we do. Or say, in this particular case.