Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ikesel Adams

I think more odd things happen to me than to the average person, and some of the best happen while I'm running or while I'm walking Ike. The other day while running, a little boy who looked exactly like Jonathan Lipnicki (aka The Kid From Jerry Maguire) holding a lightsaber blocked my path and showed off his sweet Jedi-slaying moves. He wouldn't stop or move-- I had to run in the street or face imminent death by lightsaber.

This is why giving Ike a camera was a genius move.

And it paid off. Two days ago, Ike and I went for a lunchtime walk armed with his camera. Dog owners here like to let their dogs wander the streets (they also like to let their children ride their bikes with toddlers on the handlebar sans helmets, or clothes for that matter) so, as usual, we came across a friendly dog on the sidewalk. The scene:

Ike and random dog start sniffing each other. Random dog is so excited he pees all over himself. Ike's tail starts wagging. They're becoming friends. Some butt sniffing happens. Ike is about to make a move to jump on the dog and --


A cat comes flying out of nowhere, landing on the other dog's back, and starts clawing at him. The dog whimpers, wrestles himself away from the cat, and runs home. The cat is poised to pounce, sneering at Ike as if to say you're next, sucker.

Ike and I run out of there as fast as we can. Half because I am secretly scared of cats, especially this one, and half because I can't wait to see the pictures.

And here it is, the photographic evidence of the ridiculous scene I just described:

Is it wrong of me to be slightly... angry at Ike for this? WHERE'S THE GOOD STUFF?! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR CHIN, BUDDY.


  1. How did I miss this? When did Ike get a camera? I totally need to get one for the Chihuahuas.

  2. I'm so glad you found my blog- a wife of a med student and someone who is crazy about their dog :0) I always get into trouble with her, but I've never gotten pictures like this!!!

    And I'll take your word for it- I want Step I to have been over a year and a half ago- buh.

    Oh and about shopping, I forgot poor at time-management on top of poor and disorganized. Glad you can relate ;)