I believe....

Oh, I'm sorry, is this link reserved for Mormons? My bad. I'm Jewish. But we believe things, too. 

At least I do.

I believe in carb-y deliciousness like blintzes, kugel, and bagels. Especially bagels. Especially after someone dies.

I believe in lifting people up in chairs and dancing in circles.

I believe in making the world a better place.

I believe in Jon Stewart. 

I believe everyone should float in the Dead Sea and have tea with a bedouin in the middle of an Israeli desert.

I believe in self-deprecating humor.

I believe in summer camp. 

I believe in Jewish geography.

I believe in the ability to make a phlegmy CCCCCHHHHH noise on command. 


  1. I have to admit i was expecting ....and im a morman somewhere on this page. You are hilarious! Im now following your blog :)

  2. I'm a new follower!! I'm the wife of a current medical student and found your blog through another med-school wife's blog. :)

    I love your attitude! :) Especially on your "about" page where you said that no one has asked you to meet Jesus. haha. Religion is a funny thing. I LOVE the pin on pinterest that has a picture of a surgeon- it says something along the lines of the surgeon spent 14 hours in surgery and then the family says, "praise the lord," haha. I just think this sums it all up! For me, this is so true.

  3. This is fantastic!! My husband told me I should do an "I Believe" page and list all my strange life-musts. So fantastic!

    1. Uhh... not that I think being Jewish is strange. I am just not religious. So the things I say are "against my religion" are just things I really, really don't like.

      Just wanted to clear that up.

  4. Stumbled upon your blog via YHL and this made my day. As a fellow Jew, who thinks the same thing whenever I find a Mormon blog, (no offense to Mormons whatsoever!!) I was beginning to wonder if there were any non-Mormon lifestyle/couple blogs out there in the blogosphere. ;) This is too funny, you have yourself a new follower.

  5. This is hilarious. I might totally copy you. I believe in wine.

  6. Came over via Betsy...

    I love this post - refreshing to see a different take on the 'I believe." I will admit - had I not already had a sort of pre-text via your comment on Betsy's blog, I'm sure I would have avoided clicking on "I Believe" like the plague because I generally feel pretty uncomfortable with uber-serious posts on faith.

  7. I saw you link this on betsy's blog and LOVE it. so fantastic.

  8. ugh this is too fantastic. creativepants. what a great "i believe". :)

  9. LOVE. (And now I will be walking around all day going "Chanukah! You gotta CCHHH when you say it!" a la the Rugrats Chanukah special of yore.)

  10. I totally expected a link to the LDS church when I clicked on this page but I LOVE that you made it your own. Awesome.