Saturday, January 23, 2010

my plight

Some of you may be familiar with this picture, illustrating how hard it is for us to be named Daci and Yoni:

You might laugh, but people, this is a daily struggle for me! It's hard. There's nothing funny about it. And there's certainly nothing funny about this next example, an e-mail conversation with "F"**:

**names and subject matter have been changed, however, the deliberate enhancing of my name and F's continued misspelling of it have not.


  1. *I* was getting outraged just reading it so I can't imagine what you were thinking haha. My last name is annoying in the south as I always have to spell it. I really REALLY hope I marry someone whose last name is Jones, Smith, Parker, etc. That and height are basically my only qualifications.

  2. p.s. you should've written back:

  3. haha I love lmgtfy! I hope you're not looking to marry a Jewish guy... your normal name options are pretty limited :/